Alcohol Awareness Week 3rd – 9th July 2023

Alcohol Awareness Week

This year’s Alcohol Awareness Week takes place from 3-9 July 2023 on the theme of Alcohol and cost’.

The harm caused by alcohol affects millions of people every year in the form of health problems, financial worries, relationship breakdown and family difficulties. It brings with it huge social costs too with the significant pressure it places on the NHS, the emergency services, police, and workplaces.

The total social cost of alcohol to society is estimated to be at least £21 billion each year. We also spend tens of thousands of pounds on average on alcohol over the course of a lifetime.

The cost of living crisis has also played a major role in causing some people to drink more than they have ever done.  The cost of alcohol may be cheap, but the overall cost to relationships is greater.

Do you want to change?   Do you want to save money?   Do you want to build your relations back?

If you are worried about your alcohol use, or someone else’s, visit Change Grow Live. Change Grow Live also has a Prevent app.

If you would like help and want to take the next step please call Heath Street Health Centre on 0121 389 1100.  We will help you take the next step.

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